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Vision Therapy

What is an Eye Focusing Problem?

Eye focusing problems occur when someone is unable to sustain visual focus (clarity) at any distance or when they are unable to shift their focus from near to far and vice versa accurately and efficiently. Our eyes utilize an automatic focusing system, adjusting the natural lens inside the eye to perceive objects clearly at any distance. Good focusing control is necessary to prevent eye fatigue when reading or difficulties paying attention to small or fine details.


What are the symptoms of Eye Focusing Problems?

Eye Focusing

Eye focusing problems make it hard to do schoolwork or computer work for extended periods of time. When reading, words may start to become increasingly blurry the longer the person reads. They may have trouble making quick shifts in focusing when looking at the board and back to their desks. Other symptoms of eye focusing problems include transient blurry vision, poor posture, holding a book too close, reduced efficiency and productivity, eye strain, eye soreness, headaches, and avoidance of near tasks

How are Eye Focusing Problems treated with Optometric Vision Therapy?

An optometric vision therapy program for eye focusing problems helps teach the patient to sustain clear and comfortable vision at all distances by enhancing their eyes’ ability to sustain focus, enhance flexibility of the focusing system near to far and vice versa, and integrate with other sensory skills and visual processing. Our program is designed to improve the patient’s visual conditions, eliminate visual symptoms, and enhance visual skills so that one may more fully benefit from their academic learning environment. Eyeglasses or contact lenses may boost the effects of vision therapy if prescribed by the doctor. Vision therapy makes use of lenses, prisms, filters, and other specialized equipment during the treatment program. The length of the program can range from several weeks to several months, depending on the severity of the diagnosis and patient compliance.

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