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Visual Skills Evaluation

75 minutes

Do you or your child do any of the following:


  • Move the head (rather than just the eyes) to follow objects or while reading

  • Avoid visual tasks (like reading or coloring) or eye-hand tasks (like puzzles)

  • Block one eye (by tilting or moving head) to read or draw

  • Lose place while reading or use a finger as a guide

  • Say that print blurs or squint when reading aloud

  • Complain about long reading assignments or do not read for pleasure

  • Complain of headaches after school, work, or after reading

  • Leave out or insert small words when reading aloud

  • Have difficulty with copying tasks or make many errors when copying

  • Have problems aligning horizontally or vertically while writing or with math 

  • Spell better orally than when required to write the word

  • Work slower than peers or not performing to their full potential

If so, a Visual Skills Evaluation is an in-depth assessment of eye tracking, eye teaming, and eye focusing skills to determine the “visual fitness” of your/your child’s eyes.


Eye Tracking Skills: evaluates adequate fixation, saccadic, and pursuit eye movement control necessary for reading, eye-hand coordination, and visual reaction time.


Eye Teaming Skills: evaluates if the two eyes aim, move, and work as a coordinated team necessary for depth perception and clear single vision.


Eye Focusing Skills: evaluates if the eyes can maintain clear vision at varying distances necessary for learning, reading, and sports.


This evaluation will help determine whether there is a problem in any of the above areas that may be interfering with school, sports, work, or one's life. However, to determine the extent of these problems, a separate

Visual Information Processing Evaluation may be recommended. 

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Please note: Dr. Bailey does not participate with any vision insurance plans - this practice is considered out-of-network. A detailed superbill will be provided to you if you choose to submit directly to your insurance for reimbursement.

Dr. Bailey does participate with traditional (non-HMO) Medicare Health Insurance Plans. Approval of benefits will be verified prior to appointment time. Please submit your Medicare Card Number and Date of Birth by phone or email upon scheduling your appointment.

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