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Visual Skills Evaluation

75 Minutes

An in-depth assessment of eye tracking, eye teaming, and eye focusing skills.

Visual Information Processing Evaluation

90 minutes

An assessment of one’s ability to analyze, retrieve, interpret, and act upon visual information.

Optometric Vision Therapy

45 minutes/session

A personalized vision therapy program created by Dr. Bailey consists of weekly 1:1 in-office sessions.

InfantSEE Exam

45 minutes

A comprehensive eye health assessment at no cost for babies between 6-12 months of age.

Myopia Management Comprehensive Examination

60 minutes

A full comprehensive eye examination that includes a detailed analysis of myopia and recommended treatments.

Myopia Management Consultation

45 minutes

If you/your child has received an eye exam in the last 12 months, Dr. Bailey will discuss the most appropriate myopia intervention.

Pediatric, Adult, and Soft Contact Lens Examinations

45 minutes

Routine eye examinations for patients who do not require a Visual Skills Evaluation.

Phone Consultation with Dr. Bailey

10 minutes

To inquire if and/or which of our services are right for you/your family.

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