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Visual Information Processing Evaluation

90 minutes

An assessment of one’s ability to analyze, retrieve, interpret, and act upon visual information. A VIP Evaluation is necessary to determine the extent in which your/your child’s visual perception may be affecting performance. The VIP Evaluation is used to assess the whole person and determine the best course of treatment. Exact tests given during the VIP Evaluation are based on prior testing and the individual’s needs. The assessment may evaluate the following:


✓ Gross Motor Awareness

✓ Spatial Awareness

✓ Laterality

✓ Directionality

✓ Visual Perception

✓ Visual Motor Integration

✓ Visual Perception Speed

✓ Auditory Perception

✓ Reading and Spelling

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Dr. Bailey believes in a multidisciplinary approach to health care which may include a referral to an occupational therapist, physical therapist, audiologist, speech and language pathologist, neuropsychologist, psychiatrist, physiatrist, chiropractor, osteopathic physician, or other medical professional. The VIP Evaluation allows us to collaborate or refer for other services that may help the patient develop, enhance, or regain visual skills as quickly as possible.


Complete VIP assessment includes: 90-minute VIP evaluation, 3 hours grading and written report by the doctor, and 1 hour in-person or video parent/patient consultation to discuss results and next steps. A Visual Skills Evaluation by a developmental optometrist is required prior to scheduling a VIP assessment.

Please note: Dr. Bailey does not participate with any vision insurance plans - this practice is considered out-of-network. A detailed superbill will be provided to you if you choose to submit directly to your insurance for reimbursement.

Dr. Bailey does participate with traditional (non-HMO) Medicare Health Insurance Plans. Approval of benefits will be verified prior to appointment time. Please submit your Medicare Card Number and Date of Birth by phone or email upon scheduling your appointment.

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