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Pediatric, Adult, and Soft Contact Lens Examinations

45 minutes

Dr. Bailey provides fun and engaging routine eye examinations for patients of all ages who do not have symptoms that would require a Visual Skills Evaluation (please see Visual Skills Evaluation information). However, she does not participate with any vision insurance plans and is considered out-of-network. Dr. Bailey can provide you a detailed superbill for which you can submit on your own to your vision insurance. If you have vision care insurance and would like to use your benefits towards a routine eye exam, Dr. Bailey can recommend a trusted provider close to your home.


If you were referred to our office for a Visual Skills Evaluation by a primary care optometrist, to maintain professional ethics protocols, Dr. Bailey is ethically bound to return you and your family to the referring doctor for all vision care except the special care for which you were referred. Any prescription eyewear or contact lens prescriptions provided by the developmental optometrist (Dr. Bailey) should be obtained through the primary care provider’s office. This code of ethics will ensure a highly cooperative relationship between the professional eye care doctors working mutually for your benefit.

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Please note: Dr. Bailey does not participate with any vision insurance plans - this practice is considered out-of-network. A detailed superbill will be provided to you if you choose to submit directly to your insurance for reimbursement.

Dr. Bailey does participate with traditional (non-HMO) Medicare Health Insurance Plans. Approval of benefits will be verified prior to appointment time. Please submit your Medicare Card Number and Date of Birth by phone or email upon scheduling your appointment.

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