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Full Comprehensive Eye Care Examination + Visual Skills Evaluation

90 minutes

An analysis of anterior and posterior ocular health (including dilation), in addition to a Visual Skills Evaluation to evaluate eye tracking, eye teaming, and eye focusing.


Please choose this option if you/your child has not had an annual comprehensive eye health exam in the last 12 months.

Eye Exam_edited.jpg

Dr. Bailey recommends having your annual comprehensive eye health exam with a primary care optometrist or ophthalmologist prior to booking a Visual Skills Evaluation. You will need to provide a copy of your most recent eye examination record (within the last 12 months) prior to your visit. If you would like our office to obtain records from your doctor directly, please fill out the “Authorization for Release of Identifying Health Information” form on the Forms menu.

If you/your child have not had an annual eye exam in the last 12 months, please choose a Full Comprehensive Eye Care Examination + Visual Skills Evaluation. This includes dilation for posterior ocular health analysis.

Please note: Dr. Bailey does not participate with any vision insurance plans - this practice is considered out-of-network. A detailed superbill will be provided to you if you choose to submit directly to your insurance for reimbursement.

Dr. Bailey does participate with traditional (non-HMO) Medicare Health Insurance Plans. Approval of benefits will be verified prior to appointment time. Please submit your Medicare Card Number and Date of Birth by phone or email upon scheduling your appointment.

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